Tmina (pronounced tee-mi-nah) is the umbrella and vehicle for Tiffany Stone as she collaborates with various partners, as well as working on her own to deliver solutions in the world of relationships and its many expressions.

Tiffany works from the premise that no matter the context within which we are operating, we are all human beings, we are vulnerable to one another and we are all wanting and needing to love and be loved and accepted.

Tiffany Stone

IMG_3276_smallerTiffany Stone is an alchemist of human growth and transformation, a dancer of inner worlds. She finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation, in the midst of their often busy lives. She exhibits an intense fascination of how we as humans, function as a manifestation of our inner landscape, and especially in relation to how we interact with one another. She has a particular interest in the dynamics of intimate and sexual relationships.

Other than running her own private practice, she also runs and manages Shakti Shiva Academy, which was originally founded by Shakti Malan.

Tiffany’s specialty is in the realm of insight. She observes what many observe, and sees what very few see. And in the process of doing this she will connect the dots for you, and helps you do your best thinking without getting in the way of your own journey.

As a counsellor and coach in session work she embraces the whole human experience and to quote the Roman poet Terence, ‘nothing human is alien to her.’ She will challenge your thinking in boundary-pushing dialogue, she will ask deeply-engaging questions, and in none of these interactions will you ever feel disrespected or judged. She has an almost unique ability to hold a nurturing space for radically-clear conversations that will leave you feeling supported and held, while having your unchallenged assumptions laid bare – with life-changing impact.

Although traditionally trained and an accredited member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with a Professional Coach Diploma and Relationship Coach Training, she often has a quirky and radical approach as she weaves in a multitude of additional frameworks and applications and engages her search for truth and the underlying beliefs and motivations. She continues to discover and refine her skills as she seeks to find the answers to many questions in the challenging of relationship patterns and assumptions, whilst building bridges for rewarding conscious partnerships.

She works one-on-one with people and couples who are in a search for truth and transformation, as well as working with organisations, large and small, both as an executive coach around conscious leadership, and as a creator and facilitator of ‘conscious conversations’ about the relationships and enabling culture within the organisation.