Kissing Frogs, Chasing Princes

I have been reflecting over the past while regarding the comfort of fantasy… about how much easier it is to hold onto this idea of what it is going to be like, holding onto the hopes and dreams of the ideal relationship, the successful business, the perfect body, the happy family, the idyllic life. Getting caught up in the search for quick fixes…. This seminar, this workshop, this gym program, this diet, this new/full moon, this therapist/counsellor whatever…. As though each is going to contain THAT answer which is somehow going to provide this immediate cataclysmic shift into my perfect life. Of course, each of these activities have great value, and as a coach and facilitator myself, I am certainly not saying these things do not support each of us in this journey of life, and are instrumental in the changes that we seek…. However we are often conveniently forgetting that missing piece which is: only we are responsible for any change, and all work comes from ourselves…. One step at a time. Continue Reading

A fresh look at Valentine’s Day

It’s valentine’s day. A day that has become synonymous with expressing our love to our special beloveds, or those whom we even secretly admire. What if though we could use this day to not only share our love with those around us, but also ear-mark it as a day where we can truly celebrate the love for ourselves. A day where we can stop our usual routines of being externally focused on the world around us and cherish every aspect of ourselves. Continue Reading