A long long time ago, what feels like another lifetime, I bought a pair of shoes. I wore them to my end of school matric dance. A ball we can say.

They were not just any pair of shoes, but a pair of extremely high black stiletto heels. I would like to think that they allowed me to walk with the grace of a gazelle, but more realistically I probably strode like an awkward giraffe. Needless to say I was being watched on those open plains, totally unaware of myself grazing at the foliage. These shoes had an impact, they left an impression, not too dissimilar from the shoe left by Cinderella behind at the ball…. Although in this story more of a mental remnant rather than the actual shoe.

Parallel to my story, there was another story unfolding. There was a man, captive in his own tower of holy matrimony, and desperately unhappy. He gazed upon these elusive heels and wished that they could bring some magic into his home and life. And so… he went on a quest and bought a pair…. An exact replica, hoping, beyond all reason, that they would bring the sparkle that he so desired.

Alas, the shoes were rejected by his captor and they were left to gather dust at the bottom of his trunk. Many years later, after he found his freedom, he held onto this pair of shoes and the hope of what they represented to him. There had been other women who had come into his life, but none were willing to try on the shoes and release the magic of the fantasy.

And then, 17 whole years later, beyond any scope of feasible reality, I found myself in the life of this man. The story unfolded about my pair of shoes and the impression and impact that they had had on his life. It was almost unfathomable for me to think that I was having any impact on anyone, let alone to such a degree. As trust increased, he found the courage to show me his pair of shoes which he had bought, in hope of bringing some sparkle to his own life. I tried them on. They were a perfect fit, even though I still hobbled down the corridor like a awkward giraffe.

What I find astounding about this tale, is twofold.

  1. We can never know the impact that we are having on other people, well beyond our scope of awareness, and
  2. There is a magic thread on universal timing that we can never anticipate or understand. No one would ever have thought that at the time of buying that pair of shoes, bought with the intention of copying my own, that my feet would be the first feet to enter into the shoe 17 years later. Things which can make no sense whatsoever in the now, are all part of a perfect design, the understanding of which, may only become clear in the distant future.


And so, as we go through the troubles and tribulations of everyday life, asking yourself what is this all for, or when things don’t make any sense at all. You can remind yourself about the story of Cinderella’s slipper, or in this case, Tiffany’s stiletto, and know that everything is part of a universal weave. So trust…..