health and healing through the chakras

Each of the 7 chakras (energy centers of the body) are associated with glands from the bodies endocrine system and each being associated with different psychological and physiological aspects of the self.

Through this 7 module journey we will explore the 7 Rights associated with each level as well as explore the various blockages and processes associated with each level so that you can find greater health, ease and flow in your life.

This journey is offered as a more intensive one-on-one journey as well as in a group workshop from. There is the option to couple this with bodywork sessions for each area of the body associated with the relevant chakra/gland, creating a powerful blend of healing and transformation through both insight and emotional release.



  • chakra1
    RIGHT: To be here
    DEMON: Fear
    ISSUES: Grounding, Security, Personal Sexuality
    GLAND: Adrenal Glands

  • RIGHT: To Feel
    DEMON: Guilt
    ISSUES: Community, Sense of Belonging, Desire & Need
    GLAND: Gonads (Ovaries / Testes)
    BODYWORK SESSION: Pelvis & Lower Back

  • RIGHT: To Act
    DEMON: Shame
    ISSUES: Personal Power, Individuation, Self-Esteem
    GLAND: Pancreas
    BODYWORK SESSION: Stomach, Psoas and Mid-back
  • chakra4
    RIGHT: To be Love and Be Loved
    DEMON: Grief
    ISSUES: Self-love, Relationship, Intimacy, Giving and Receiving
    GLAND: Thymus
    BODYWORK SESSION: Chest, Upper Back & Shoulders
  • chakra5
    RIGHT: To Speak & Be Heard
    DEMON: Lies
    ISSUES: Communication, Speaking Your Truth, Creativity
    GLAND: Thyroid
    BODYWORK SESSION: Neck & Shoulders

  • RIGHT: To See
    DEMON: Illusion
    ISSUES: Insight, Imagination, Intuition
    GLAND: Pituitary Gland
  • chakra7
    To Know
    DEMON: Attachment
    ISSUES: Belief systems, Union, Divinity / Higher Power
    GLAND: Pineal Gland
    BODYWORK SESSION: Full Body Integration