conversations for couples

As a human species are wired for connection and emotional dependency and acknowledgement of our emotional inter-connectedness is crucial to healthy functioning. Our intimate relationships are often our most treasured, yet through fears of loss, abandonment or rejection we paradoxically end up engaging in unconscious behaviours which place strain on our emotional connections.

In working with couples, my role is two-fold: Firstly I hold and create the space making it safe to start expressing and exposing those vulnerable sides of yourself to your partner. The space to make difficult and threatening conversations possible. Then, drawing on a variety of modalities, skills and experience I bring a level of enquiry and exploration into what aspects of yourself are being potentially marginalized in your attempts to try and keep your relationships safe: What fears are holding you back in your particular relationship dynamic? What is not being said but being felt? 

We explore Your Relationship Dream and create Your Relationship MapWhat is your vision for your union together? What are your relationship values? Where are you now, Where are you going, and how are you going to get there?

Structured Coaching Programs

Over the course of 6 weeks or 12 weeks I offer structured coaching programs designed for couples to take you on a journey of creating clarity, understanding, compassion and connection in your relationship.

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We Have To Talk: 12 Session Program for Couples