The state of our future depends largely on the quality of the next generation, and the level of attention, care and consideration that they bring. Our next generation is being birthed through our relationships, and raised through the quality of our attention and awareness.

Many of the fears and difficulties that we experience as adults, are often attributed to various experiences we went through growing up as children, in particular in the impressionable years of our developing psyches. Patterns and behaviours are cycled and repeated through generations, often to great detrimental effect.

Patterns don’t need to be recycled. By assessing the impact of your own parenting, you can make conscious choices about who you want to be as a parent for your children.


“Thank you so much for your recent relationship coaching. I faced a difficult situation with my adult daughter, who was visiting from the US. What I got from you was both context and insight. You helped me reflect on a difficult situation, where I had made some errors of judgment, without judging me. Your helping me arrive at my own best solution had all the hallmarks of the kind of relationship coach I have always wanted. I am happy to let you know that all is well between my daughter and myself. Thank you for your wisdom, your compassion and your practical advice.”

~ Gerard B.

new fathers

Becoming a father is an important time of transition and often personal struggle. As exciting as this time is, it can also bring its own share of often over-looked difficulty for the father.

Learning to share your partner with a new baby, adjusting to the new ways of creating and maintaining intimacy as well as the transition from boyhood to manhood as you step into the position of father for the next generation can all be overwhelming and stressful.

With a keen interest in the factors affecting the masculine, I provide a supportive environment for men to become better attuned to the more vulnerable aspects of themselves, whist providing greater understanding of your partners at this time. I provide practical suggestions to transition this period into fatherhood whilst still maintaining and recreating sexual intimacy with your partner.