Body work sessions

Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst was instrumental in his work of understanding the “bodymind”, and developed his theory of body armouring. It is understood that any emotional feelings or even traumatic events are stored in the body tissue and become a physical holding pattern in the body.

Through physical bodywork, such as deep tissue massage, it is possible to release many of these holding patterns and engage in emotional release work, beyond what is accessible by the mind.

As a qualified Rebalancer, though the Osho School of Touch, as well as trained in Tantric Body De-Armouring by Andrew Barnes, an international Tantric body worker and relationship coach, I offer bodywork and emotional release sessions to support your journey of transformation and release those unseen blocks preventing you from having greater intimacy with both yourself and in your relationships.

Sessions can be booked individually or alternatively as part of a Rebalancing journey addressing each of the areas of the body as individualized focused sessions. Please call me on +27764030078 or email at  to find out more or book a session.

  • reb-logREBALANCING is a unique psychosomatic body mind treatment system incorporating technical precision with an artistic meditative approach.


    This effective method has its roots in deep tissue  Rolfing ,Postural school_logoIntegration,  liquid bodywork ,and is a fascinating body mind journey.