individual & couple sessions

Operating from the premise of how we do anything is how we do everything, our relationships with others, and our ability to connect and willingness to be vulnerable is fundamentally impacted by our relationship to our self and how we perceive ourselves in relation to others.

Having a deep fascination and understanding of the human condition, my one-on-one sessions with individual people as well as my couple sessions often bring significant insight to the seeker after truth and transformation.

Utilizing various tools and frameworks, I work in a creative and engaging way, exploring levels of vulnerability, expressed through fears and desires to support you in a transformational journey of shifting perception and creating expansiveness in your views of what becomes possible.

Coaching is offered as part of a 12-session journey, providing a sufficient time period to engage in the process, providing both a beginning, middle and end to the coaching journey.  You can choose your own coaching outcomes and intentions or be guided by one of my structured processes.

When working with couples the framework may be a combination of both individual sessions with each partner as well as joint sessions as a couple. The structure will be determined depending on the presenting situation.

Should you wish to book a free 30 minute session  via skype, then please email  or book your appointment here: