When new parents are expecting a new baby they often spend hours contemplating the name and anticipated meaning for their new child. Tmina (pronounced tee-mi-nah) is a my creative brainchild. It has been a lifelong process of building, growing, experiencing and nurturing, which I have now had the pleasure of birthing into reality.

And so too, as a new parent to this creation birthed through me I wanted the perfect name.

So what does tmina actually stand for or what does it mean?

Well… What would you like it to mean?

When we drop all concepts of what we know, or what we believe to be true, the realm of possibilities become endless. What can we create when we step into the unknown… Away from our existing frames of reference?


As such, tmina has no official oxford dictionary meaning or definition, and this has been intentional. It stands as an invitation to step into the unknown and discover new possibilities.

That being said, as the mother I too wanted a deep, rich and meaningful name for my creation and so the name has been rooted in layered symbolism. If you would like to know more about what it means to me then you are welcome to ask….k12361059